Bucas “Irish Extra” (300G) Combi Neck

$99.95 $89.95

The Irish Turnout Combi Neck cover offers exceptionally good performance and value and an amazing flexibility to suit the particular requirements for your horse. Featuring a 300g layer of polyester wadding between the lining and outer fabric. This heavy insulation greatly increases usability. The Classic-Cut Irish Turnouts come with attachment points for the Irish Turnout Combi-Neck allowing full protection of the neck. Features: Tough rip stop outer, Waterproof and breathable outer with an additional Teflon® outer shield, Breathable Nylon lining.

Colours: Black with black and gold trim (matches the Irish Turnout Extra Classic)

Combi Neck Sizing:
X-Small (fits with 60 inch, 63 inch blankets)
Small (fits with 66 inch, 69 inch blankets)
Medium (fits with 72 inch, 75 inch blankets)
Large (fits with 78 inch blankets)
X-Large (fits with 81 inch, 84 inch blankets)

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