Charles Owen “JR8” Helmet


The JR8 riding helmet offers the highest level of protection available by Charles Owen. Low profile design is covered with a microfiber suede material treated to protect against marking and scuffing. Brim is gently rounded to flatter the face. A metallic logo is positioned above the peak, and an embroidered one is on the back of the helmet where a ribbon would traditionally be. The nylon harness coordinates to complete the finished look and offers additional strength, safety and security.

Charles Owen recommends to replace your helmet after 5 years of use(Which is approx. 2000 hours of riding) not from the manufacturing date. It is the sweat and the occasional drop that reduces a helmets safety level. . So, a helmet that is worn regularly will deteriorate faster than one used only an hour a week. A helmet kept in air conditioned storage would be ideal as it will be kept cool and dry (e.g. Like a Retail Store).

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