Comfort Gut Original- 1 KG

Comfort Gut Original (Powder)
Ideal for performance, high stress and heavily travelled horses. Those with repetitive actions and who struggle with change

Comfort Gut can play a role in helping to sustain healthy gastric acid levels and can be fed long term without disrupting acid production which is required to break down food for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Customers report that they feel Comfort Gut contributes to better utilisation of feed with elder horses, poor doers, horses under stress and hard work. 
A very fine powder (similar in consistency to talcum powder or a very fine grade flour) which is mildly alkaline, ultra small pored, very low ash, vegetal carbon, designed specifically for feeding which absorbs (binds to) toxins in the digestive tract like excess acid and eliminates it from the horse's system in the manure. 

Key remarks relate to:
• Improved Condition, topline and overall coat shine.
• Improved Performance.
• Supports improved behaviour and ride-ability.
• Assisting optimum gut health and function by helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels.

Competition, FEI and Race Legal. Will NOT show in bloods. 

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