Back On Track® – Dog Leg Wrap


Sprains and strains are common injuries. A popular product for dogs of all ages, the therapeutic benefits of our Welltex® fabric can assist in combating inflammation brought on by the rigors of everyday activity, growth spurts, arthritis, and injury.



  • Helps injuries heal more quickly and eases arthritic pain.
  • Neoprene outer shell, inner fabric infused with Welltex fabric containing ceramic powder which creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.
  • The three attached Velcro™ strips let you quickly fasten and remove the wraps, as well as adjust their snugness.
  • These leg wraps are ideal for both prevention and injury recovery.
  • Sold as a pair, black.

NOTE: Our small size is NOT for the smallest of breed.

Size Width Length
Small 5-1/2” 4¼”
Medium 6" 4¾”
Large 7 1/8" 5-1/2”

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