HORZE Fleece Show Cooler

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Snappy clean lines will make your horse stand out while he waits ringside or cools down after a round. Keep your horse comfortable and looking glamorous between events wearing this stunning fleece show cooler. Luxurious fleece lies perfectly on your horse thanks to the strategically placed contour darts on the rear, a classic neck cut, tail strap and an adjustable front buckle to assure the fit is just right. Lightweight anti-pill fleece wicks away moisture from your horse to keep him dry and warm. Use this cooler to slow the rate of drying after intense workouts or after bathing your horse to help prevent hypothermic conditions. The rich fleece color comes to life with pale gold braided cord defining the tapered bottom. This works hard alone as a beautiful fleece cooler or dress sheet or as a blanket liner on cold, damp nights to keep your horse warm and cozy. Durable, remarkably soft and high quality with a side of elegance make up this fleece cooler. Tip: Personalize this cooler with embroidery for a custom look.


  • Soft, warm fleece
  • Clean lines for ringside elegance
  • Classic cut neck
  • Anti-pill fabric wicks moisture away
  • Elegant gold piping
  • Simple tail cord
  • Single front buckle closure
  • Perfect for embroidering for a custom look
  • Dark blue

Technical Description: Polyester fleece.Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold water. Gentle cycle, normal detergent that does not contain bleach or fabric softener. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

Horse Blanket, Fleece Cooler, Show Cooler

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