Kensington Fly Mask w/ Ears

$61.95 $59.99

Kensington Protective Masks offer the most durable and comprehensive protection from biting insects, harmful UV rays, fire and airborne debris. Exclusive Textline fabric withstands fading, soiling, wear & tear and is mildew resistant for unparalleled durability. The 1000 x 2000 fabric weave provides full visibility with maximum protection for the facial eye areas. Non-abrasive, non-sticking and 78% air permeable, the mask is perfect for protecting and promoting wound healing. The Double Locking System keeps the mask in place - even in pasture settings. 73% UV Protection.  Protects Against Harmful UV Rays, Fire Resistant, Double Eye Darts Prevent Eye Irritation, Double Locking Throat Strap Ensures Comfortable Fit, Combine with other Protective Products for Colour-Coordinated Whole Body Protection. Protective mask with fleece trim and soft mesh ears for protection and freedom of movement.


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