Myler Black Steel Seven Shank Bit MB36

$239.99 $215.99


  • Myler Black Steel 7" Seven Shank
  • Mullen Forward Tilt Low Ported Barrel
  • The port is 1" high, and tilted forward at a 45º angle, allowing just enough room for the horse’s tongue to elevate slightly and swallow, but not high enough for palate pressure
  • Independent Side Movement
  • Sweet Iron mouthpiece
  • Curved mouthpiece does not pinch lips or bars
  • Copper Inlay
  • Black shank will discolo
  • Level 2-3
  • MB36
  • The MB 36 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen, but it has a wide low port that allows the tongue to pass under it comfortably
  • 5"
This Bit is Available by Special Order

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