Safestyle Stirrups


The most simple ideas are often the best, that is apparent when you look at the Safestyle, a stirrup iron which contributes to safety combined with shining attractiveness.

The biggest fear of any rider is to fall off the horse and be dragged because of a foot being caught in the stirrup. This fear is largely diminished with Safestyle, a concept that took a long time to develop. As a result there is now a stirrup on the market – which the equestrian world had been waiting for. The Safestyle is designed and developed by people who aim for perfection in shape and material. They designed a stirrup which does not only promotes safety but is also beautiful to look at.

The Safestyle is – a stirrup which encourages – proper leg position and seat. Perfectly balanced it correctly places two/thirds of the foot to the outside of the stirrup whilst its added weight improves lower leg position. De rider has a firm grip and the stirrup always hangs correctly off the saddle, without twisting the stirrup leather. The Safestyle is made of solid high quality polished stainless steel and combines safety, elegance and durability.

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