Evolution Streamline Shim GP/Jump Half Pad

$199.99 $129.99


The latest in our family of technical half pads, now effortlessly compatible with all Streamline products. They maintain optimum stability under saddle by locking into the gullet with a velcro attachment, stopping unwanted movement between pad, half pad & saddle.

A low profile multi functional product which can be used as a pressure disributing  half pad or alternatively tailor the insert shims for a bespoke riser system. Front, Rear of Bilateral imbalances can be easily rectified with minimal bulk due to the 5mm Isoprene insert shims and the gradual depth increments. The pad is supplied with 2 x 5mm inserts in each pocket, additional shims can be purchased if required.

The pockets and shims are specifically designed so as not to interfere with the gullet of the saddle and fit over withers or lumber spine. 

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