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Ariat® Women's "Abilene" Western Boots - Light Tan
  • $399.95
  • $374.95
Ariat® Women's "Casanova" Western Boots - Naturally Distressed Brown
  • $389.95
  • $364.95
Ariat® Women's "Casanova" Western Boots - Red Alert
  • $389.95
  • $364.95
Ariat® Women's "Casanova" Western Boots - Shades of Grain
  • $389.95
  • $364.95

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About Picovs Tack Shop & Saddlery

The Picov's family has been in the horse industry for generations, and have been running the Picov's shop for over 40 years.

At Picov's we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We have the learned experience of horse professionals, and can provide detailed help when requested...

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Bag Balm

Vermont’s Original Bag Balm has been around since 1899. Its original use was to keep cow’s udders from becoming chapped during the cold Vermont winters, and for minor abrasions on farm animals. The farmers who applied bag balm to their cows noticed that their own hands became remarkably soft after using this lanolin-based ointment, and the product soon became popular for human use.

"When my skin is really dry, I rub it on my face" ~Shania Twain

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