Getting ready to own your first horse

If you’re ready to take the leap into owning your very own horse, there are many considerations involved, and lots of preparation to do. But we can help! Here’s our starter guide to owning your first horse.

Choosing a Breed

This should be the first thing you think about. Just like dogs, horse breeds have different dispositions, personalities, and abilities. One breed that is suitable for new horse owners is the American Quarter Horse. As one of the most ubiquitous breeds in North America, the American Quarter Horse is known for its docile nature. This breed’s versatility makes it popular at rodeos, shows, and working on ranches. They exist in nearly all colours, have well-muscled bodies, rounded hindquarters, and broad chests. American Quarter Horses have a reputation as loving and mild-tempered. Another breed a new owner should look into is the Tennessee Walking Horse – also known to be gentle, a good trait for beginners.

Grooming and Healthcare

Keeping your horse happy and healthy will be your number one concern as an owner. There are more health and wellness considerations than the average small family pet, but the rewards are well worth the energy you’ll invest in your horse’s life.

Regular bathing and grooming removes sweat and loose hair and keeps the skin and coat shiny and healthy. You’ll need to consider bathing and grooming supplies – Curry Combs, grooming gloves, and brushes made specifically for a horses coat. Use a hoof pick  in your grooming and maintenance routines to make sure they’re free of debris and free from infection so your horse can move with ease and comfort.


Aside from the human apparel you’ll need to have riding adventures with your horse, you’ll also have to think about equipment needed for the horse’s daily life. A good quality saddle that is right for both your needs and the horse’s is essential. They come in many varieties depending on what kind of activity you plan on engaging in together. Bridles and reins will be your communication connection to your horse, allowing you to direct their movement while riding. Halters and leads will help you control movement both on and off your horse.

Another consideration as you prepare to enter the exciting world of horse ownership includes, of course, learning to ride and how to handle and interact with the animal properly. Proper training also includes the issue of rider health and safety, so that both you and your horse are enjoying your time together with minimal risk.

And last but certainly not least, is the place your horse will call home. Be sure to thoroughly research your housing options and look for things like safe terrain free from hazards, quality shelters from heat and cold weather, access to salt, etc., and ascertain that your new friend will have proper food and water and regular supervision.