What is a horse blanket?

Our horses are like family members and its our responsibility to take care of their health and well-being, whether that’s through proper exercise, nutrition, or grooming. There are many products that help us take great care of them, one of which is the horse blanket.

A blanket can serve several purposes throughout a horse’s life. In colder weather, a blanket designed for warmth is necessary for a horse that spends time outdoors. Winter blankets, or turnouts, are insulated to trap warmth around the horse’s torso, with some including a “hood” extending up the neck as well for further coverage. Winter blankets and coverings are made with a tough waterproof polyester outer layer and filled with warming fibres to retain heat.

Lighter blankets are also available and fill other needs for your horse. Cooling blankets, more commonly referred to as coolers, can be used in summer, and are made of lighter fabrics. Fly sheets help protect the horse from pestering insects, and rain sheets repel water to keep the horse dry and comfortable. The breathable fabric allows air to flow and moisture to escape. Special turnouts also exist to serve as protection during travel or to preserve grooming for show horses.

Some coverings are multi-purpose. A layered turnout can adapt to quickly changing weather – easily swap out a fleece layer for a rainproof layer, or keep your horse comfortable during transportation.

Whatever your climate, whatever your needs, Picovs has you covered when it comes to the right blanket or turnout for your horse.