Fiske's Hoof and Hide Balm-450ml

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Fiske's Hoof and Hide Balm has been tried and tested for over 100 years. It is a 100% natural, multi-purpose solution which is sold in an easy to apply container.
This product covers the three basic needs of horse care maintenance:

1. the hoof 

2. the hide 

3. the muscle

The ingredients combine to create a horseman's medicinal dream. They consist of a unique blend of cooling herbs and pure essential oils, along with the old faithful's... pine tar and menthol, combined in a non petroleum base and then thickened with raw beeswax. The beeswax thickens the mixture which limits run off waste and still allows it to remain a breathable barrier. Beeswax provides a healthy natural breathable barrier allowing for healthy oxygen exchange Treats many forms of common hide ailments such as rain rot. Effective relief for swelling and muscle soreness Maintains proper moisture balance in the hoof Increases flexibility to prevent cracks Contains NO Petroleum, 100% Natural Leaves a healthy shine - excellent show dressing Ideal for cold weather applications Fiske's Hoof and Hide Balm has antibacterial / antifungal / antiviral / antiseptic properties that will help prevent infection from thrush and white line disease Available in 450mL

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