Picov’s Shedding Tool Quick Groomer

$19.99 $12.99
P.S.: Assorted Logo may be stamped on Grooming Tool. (Sorry, no picking)
Simple yet very effective Grooming Tool.

You will be telling all your friends about your new Quick Groomer. The Grooming Blade will remove loose hair, dander and dirt from your horse’s coat without irritating. We know you will be in love with your new Quick Groomer come shedding season and all year long.

The 24 cm (9.5 inch) long Quick Groomer allows you to use one or two hands to quickly remove loose hair, dirt and dander. Same as the equigroomer for twice the price.

The 12 cm (5 inch) is perfect for dogs, goats, donkey, etc...

After using your new Quick Groomer, just brush your horse with a soft dandy brush, Et Voila!

Also great for dogs.

Proudly Made in Canada.


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