Professional’s Choice “SMB II” Horse Boots


The SMB II Boots have an antimicrobial inner lining to help prevent skin diseases from transferring from one horse to another. The SMB II is the best protective boot for training because it protects not only the fetlock joint, but the entire musculoskeletal system of the horse. The SMB II is designed to absorb high levels of negative energy before it reaches the upper part of the leg.

Sizing Information See the fit information below to select the appropriate size for your horse. As a general rule when fitting SMB® II boots, a horse will require one size larger on the hind legs than the front, unless there is no pronounced size difference in the fetlocks.

X-Small: 9” (20.32cm) fetlock circumference, 9.25” (23.50cm) boot height, up to 14 hands

Small: 10” (25.40cm) fetlock circumference, 10.25” (26.04cm) boot height, 14-15 hands

Medium: 12” (30.48cm) fetlock circumference, 11” (27.94cm) boot height, 15-16.2 hands

Large: 13” (33.02cm) fetlock circumference, 11.75” (29.85cm) boot height, 16.3-17.2 hands

X-Large: 14” (35.56cm) fetlock circumference, 14” (35.56cm) boot height, 17.2 hands and up

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