Raspberry Leaves "Mare Be Good" by Foothills Naturals

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    Raspberry leaf is a favorite EQUINE HERB  promoting calm and relief from moodiness. Pure, dried raspberry leaf helps influence a quiet disposition in mares and geldings. Raspberry is a herb widely known for its benefits to mares, because it is believed to temper the effects of hormonal fluctuations. Our package is large enough to provide great value for our four-legged companions.
  • 454g (1Lbs) Approx. 100-120 day supply
  • We are happy to provide this new product to replace Mare Magic
  • From a Canadian Company
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Foothills Naturals Raspberry Leaf has been quality and purity tested in USA. It is caffeine-free, USDA Organic certified, NON-GMO, NON-IRRADIATED. Health Canada and Safe Foods for Canadians Site License.

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