Samshield Winter Gloves

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After a longtime demand from their partner riders, Samshield has created a winter riding gloves version: the W-Skin.

Samshield has followed the same strategy as when they created the successful first riding gloves (the W-Skin) before to start the design: • Analyze existing product on the market • Make a large survey with plenty of riders

All riders answered that they would like a winter gloves providing a perfect ratio of warmness/hand to horse connection/fitting/elegance.


To meet these requirements, W-Skin gloves are made of 5 different high performance materials: • 1st layer: Goatskin leather: provides the best ratio of comfort/durability/wind stopping/water resistance/elegance ; • 2nd layer: Thinsulate®: breathable and moisture resistant synthetic microfiber which insulates by trapping cold outside air molecules ; • 3rd layer: Micro polarfleece: as warm as wool but softer, lighter, and easier to wash. Hydrophobic for a better sweating control ; • Palm: Strong Suede fabric base fingerprinted with real silicone: offers exceptional added grip, hand-to-horse connection, flexibility as well as ex treme durability ; • Strong version of windproof mesh provides flexibility for a high end comfort and constant fitting.

W-Skin gloves have been tested by many Samshield sponsored riders for one year before being launched on the market. Just like them you can now enjoy wearing this premium equipment.

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