Select The Best “NU IMAGE” – 4.54 KG


Select Nu-Image™ is our best selling product scientifically formulated nutritional supplement. Rich in fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, designed to promote the growth of exceptionally healthy, lustrous hair, mane, and tail. Heat processed to insure freshness and palatability. Select Nu-Image™ is a high quality coat conditioner offered at a reasonable price.


  • One scoop per day- Easy to use
  • Lustrous shiny coat in as little as ten days
  • Economical
  • No Mixing – Your feed room isn’t cluttered with 5 or 6 supplements and oils to mix a coat conditioner concoction • Stabilized Fat Content – Stays fresh and palatable without rancidity
  • Added Zinc, Amino Acids and Vitamins- All the key nutrients your horse needs for an award winning show coat
  • 10LBS/4.54KG = 160 Day Supply

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